You can now LOCK UP LEAD POISONING using

Case History:
Location: Los Angeles, California
Size: 12 Story Building
Challenges: Severe cracking and pealing on external surfaces with layers of lead-based paint.

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Before telling you more about the solution, let's take a look at lead and its dangers. Lead is a global problem. In the U.S. alone over 72,000,000 homes, buildings, schools, bridges, Universities, etc., that were constructed before 1978 contain harmful amounts of lead in them.

In 1978, a federal law was passed prohibiting the use of lead-based paint. One out of every 8 children demonstrates some level of lead-poisoning that can damage the brain and nervous system and can cause behavioral and learning problems!

Because you cannot see, taste or smell lead, the danger becomes even greater. Babies and young children are constantly putting things into their mouths: toys, dirt and other objects, including paint chips. These objects often are covered with lead dust and paint from interior and exterior walls and even playground equipment! They touch lead-contaminated walls and window sills with their hands and then put their hands to their mouths.

Adults, too, may be breathing in air contaminated with lead dust. Pregnant women can unknowingly pass along this danger to their unborn child.

ALPHA 8® Lead-Cap® offers the greatest protection against the deadly dangers of lead poisoning. Environmentally safe, highly cost-effective, strong and reliable, Alpha 8® Lead-Cap® will prevent lead from entering your air-space and the ground that you walk on. More importantly - it will keep your children safe from the physical and mental malfunctions caused by exposure to lead.

Ace Coating Company is committed to a clean environment and has been a leader in developing non-toxic, environmentally safe coatings for roofs, exterior walls, waterproofing, drive-on surfaces, deck coatings and lead and asbestos encapsulators.

Ace Coating Company offers the highest quality of service, training and support for our product lines which are used by public, state and federal agencies, including State of California Departments of Corrections and Transportation, City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Unified School District, Pasadena City College, San Antonio Community Hospital, Anaheim General Hospital, Barlow Respiratory Hospital, City of Hope, UCSD, National City Schools, San Diego Port District, Sony, Coronado Shores, and real estate and management companies.

ALPHA 8® Lead-Cap®
Your Safe, Strong, Reliable Protection
Against Lead Poisoning!!!

  • Fluid-applied
  • 100% acrylic elastomeric waterbased
  • Non-toxic
  • Class "A" Fire rated
  • Waterproofs
  • Flexible
  • UV resistant
  • Interior or exterior use
  • Self-flashing
  • 480% elongation
  • Tensile strength - 345 psi
  • Paintable
  • Chemical resistant
  • Can be brushed, sprayed or rolled.
  • Approved ASTM E 1795-96
  • No Primer Needed!!!
  • ALPHA 8® Lead-Cap® has been specially formulated
  • Resists mildew
  • Prevents corrosion
  • 20 year guarantee
  • Adds year-round insulation
  • Available in many colors
  • Easy 1-step 8 mil application
  • Contains BITREX Anti-ingestant
  • Provides protection against moisture.
  • Expands and Contracts!

ALPHA 8® Lead-Cap® is an elastomeric insulating and water-proofing coating and has 480% elongation. Its flexibility allows it to withstand expansion and contraction of the building walls due to temperature changes and building movements. Therefore, it fuses with the structure and provides an excellent thermal shield.

Lock up
Lead poisoning!

ALPHA 8® Lead-Cap
Your key to successful lead abatement

  • Saves on Disposal of hazardous waste.
  • Saves $$- No need to hire hazardous waste company.
  • Saves time on application and clean-up.
  • Saves relocation costs for residents/occupants.
  • Quick, economical application.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Waterbased, Non-toxic.
  • Class-"A" Fire Rated.
  • No hazardous waste to dispose of.
  • No relocation is necessary for residents/occupants.

When you're surrounded by lead

What alternatives do you have?

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